Anadrol its effect on the body and side effects

Anadrol 50 (Anadrol) is the most potent steroid of the tablet form to date. Since then, the strength of the action is not one of the more powerful steroid. The main element of anadrol 50 is oxymetholone, which appeared in the market of pharmacological products in 1960. produced by Sintex. The drug allows for fourteen days of use to gain up to 8 kilograms of muscle mass. Just think, fourteen days. At the same time, the body retains water, which gives the body a massive appearance. Considering the fact that a large amount of water accumulates in the body, anadrol 50 does not harm joints.
Anadrol 50
During exercise, stamina and muscle strength increase. Sharing impressions about the drug, many athletes noted that even after several heavy approaches, forces are still enough for several qualitative repetitions.
Androl helps a lot during the preparation of athletes for competitions. It makes it possible to keep muscle mass at the required level. In general, athletes are happy with the drug.

How to take anadrol

Each athlete determines the required dose depending on his level of training. Literate is the use of one milligram of the drug per kilogram of weight. Calculate the necessary dosage, in this case, is not difficult. Professional athletes, after the third week of admission is allowed to gradually increase the dosage. But it is not recommended to bring more than 150 milligrams a day. The intake of 150 milligrams per day should be limited to three weeks. The very course of anadrol should be up to eight weeks. During this time, with rational use, you can gain ten kilograms of muscle mass directly.
For greater effect the drug is combined with other steroids. For example, with an anabolite such as sustanone or pararballan.

Anadrol side effects

Since anadrol is a very strong steroid, serious side effects are possible. The drug is very toxic, and this can have a negative effect on the liver. This is the first steroid that can cause liver cancer. The first signs of liver cancer are yellowing of the skin, nails and eyeballs. In this case, you need to immediately stop the course and go to the doctor.
In order not to happen this, during the course, you should donate blood for analysis.
Theoretically, the drug can even lead to death, but it is only possible in the case of liver cancer of the last degree.
Anadrol is also used by women. But they need to be even more attentive, since the female organism is much weaker than the male organism.
Side effects in women may be a coarsened voice, a violation of the menstrual cycle.
In addition to all listed side effects, such problems as indigestion, drowsiness, nausea, irritability, high excitability, fever may also appear.
Buy anadrol can not be in all online stores, due to the fact that it is a very strong steroid. That’s why, many simply do not want to communicate with anadrol. And the price for it is quite high, due to the strong anabolic effect and composition of the drug.
In the market of sports pharmacology a huge number of counterfeit drugs. Their price is significantly reduced, but their use can cause serious consequences in terms of deteriorating health. It is best to buy goods in the place where you will be assured of quality. If there is an opportunity, find out reviews about the store from those who already bought goods there. Be vigilant and follow all the recommendations, in this case you will succeed, without harm to your health. bodybuilding sverige Steroidi Anabolizzanti Online men’s health bodybuilding trainer nyc narrow grip press bodybuilding trainer