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Anadrol dosage is a concentrated solution of purified immunoglobulin fractions extracted by alcohol from the blood plasma of donors immunized with recombinant anadrol dosage B vaccine. Each donor plasma checked for the surface antigen of anadrol dosage B virus (HBsAg) and antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 and HCV protein concentration in the formulation from 10 to 16%. The concentration of antibodies to surface antigen of anadrol dosage B virus is not less than 50 IU / ml. The product does not contain a preservative or antibiotics. Transparent or slightly opalescent liquid, colorless or with a faint yellow color. During storage may be the appearance of a slight precipitate white, disappearing with shaking at room temperature.

Immunological properties . Are active principles of the drug antibody to the surface antigen of anadrol dosage B virus (HBsAg), the virus that block receptors. The maximum concentration of antibody in the blood after 24 hours, the period of half-life of 4-5 weeks.

Appointment . Emergency prevention of anadrol dosage B in children and adults; treatment of light and medium-severe forms of acute viral anadrol dosage B in adults.

Dosage and Administration . Immunoglobulin is administered by intramuscular injection into the upper outer quadrant of the gluteal muscles or in the outer thigh.Prior to drug injection ampoule is kept for 2 hours at room temperature. Opening of ampoules and injection procedure is carried out in strict compliance with the rules of aseptic and antiseptic. The drug is in the opened ampoule can not be stored. Not suitable for the use of drugs in vials with impaired integrity or marking a change of physical properties (color change, turbidity, the presence of non-separating sludge), with an expired shelf life, if not properly stored. To avoid the formation of foam formulation in a syringe needle with a wide clearance.

Prevention . The dose and frequency of administration depends on the indication for use:

  • newborns from mothers – HBsAg carriers or patients with acute anadrol dosage B in the period of delivery is administered 1 dose (100 ME) in the first 12 hours after birth simultaneously with anadrol dosage B vaccine, but in different areas of the body (in the future children to be vaccination vaccine anadrol dosage B age 1, 2 and 12 months);
  • individuals not vaccinated before anadrol dosage B or those in whom vaccination is not finished, or when the level of HBs-antibody below protective (<10 IU / l) after accidental infection through contact with infectious material (for injections, dental manipulation, blood transfusion, infected material splashes in the mouth or eyes, etc.), the drug is administered at the rate of 0.1 ml / kg body weight as soon as possible after exposure (preferably within 24-48 hours.). at the same time ( on the same day) to start anadrol dosage B vaccination scheme 0-1-2-12 months. or to continue the initiated course. persons belonging to a high risk of anadrol dosage B virus infection with group B (centers, patients of chronic hemodialysis patients suffering from various diseases, which for health reasons receive frequent transfusions of blood and blood products, contact in the outbreaks of anadrol dosage B et al.), are not vaccinated against anadrol dosage B , immunoglobulin is administered prior to the procedure – hemodialysis, transfusion of blood and blood products trenabol, etc .; Children up to 10 years – 100 ME, children older than 10 years and adults – at the rate of 0.1 ml / kg body weight. Simultaneously with the introduction of immunoglobulin should begin a course of vaccination against anadrol dosage B for a shorter circuit – 3 vaccine applications at intervals of 1 month. At 12 months after the start of immunization is administered 4th extra dose of vaccine. The first dose of the vaccine is administered simultaneously with immune globulin, but in different parts of the body. When the use of the drug in a volume of more than 5 ml of the prescribed dose is recommended to enter in different parts of the gluteus maximus. The drug is used only by a physician (medical assistant).Introduction immunoglobulin registered in the established registration form indicating the batch number, production date, expiry date, the manufacturer, the date of administration, dose, infusion reactions.Treatment . With the purpose of treatment Antigep ® – human anadrol dosage B immune globulin administered during the first five days of the onset of jaundice period anadrol dosage V.Preparat administered in a single dose of 0.1 ml / kg body weight, daily for 3 days.Reactions to the introduction , as a rule, lacking. In rare cases, the reaction may develop in the form of local congestion, raising the temperature to 37,5 ° C during the first day after administration. In individuals with altered reactivity may develop allergic reactions of various types, and in extremely rare cases – anaphylactic shock, and therefore the person who received the drug should be under medical supervision for 30 minutes. Locations of vaccination must be provided by means of anti-shock therapy.Contraindications . Contraindicated administration of human anadrol dosage B immunoglobulin against persons who had a history of severe allergic reactions to human blood products. With a history of clinically significant allergic reactions to day administration of immunoglobulin and in the next 3 days, it recommended the appointment of antihistamines. Persons suffering immunopathological systemic diseases (diseases of the blood, connective tissue, jade, etc.), the drug should be administered on a background of appropriate therapy.Caution . Vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella is performed not earlier than 2 months after the administration of human immunoglobulin against anadrol dosage B.

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